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Playing Guitar Leads with the Right Impressions Playing guitar leads would be something that most music artists want to do. Can you just imagine being the primary instrument player in a band?  When it comes to music and playing the instrument, it is always best to support it with the best guitar classes in Pune, on of which is Devs Music Academy’s Guitar classes. Being the lead guitarist implies that you are the one holding the fort and it is your responsibility to get the music to flow fluidly from the entire band. From reading the music down to the...

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guitar classes, guitar classes in Pune, guitar courses, guitar courses in pune, learn to play guitar -

Basic Tips to Learning Guitar When it comes to learning guitar, there are several Guitar classes in Pune. Sure, learning the chords and the notes are quite a necessary element to the process.  However, when it comes to the most basic tips to learning the guitar, it comes down to motivation. Devs Music not only teaches you the best ways to handle and work with the instrument, but goes one step beyond and offers major advice to all their students and that is to never get discouraged in the process rather keep themselves motivated by simultaneously practicing several latest and...

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