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Testimonials of some of our Students

Akanksha Dixit                                                                           3/7/2022
"My name is Akanksha and I am an IT professional. I always wanted to learn an Indian Instrument. I am glad to have come across Priya mam and started my flute lessons. She is a great teacher and explains the concept well. I enjoy the class with her . Her dedication and sincerity is commendable. She makes you feel comfortable while learning and guides well. I am happy with the flute training and would recommend Priya mam to other students as well. 
Thanks to Devsmusic and Priya Mam for all your efforts.
Akanksha Dixit
Dhanashree Sant                                                                              21/7/2021
"It is my great pleasure to recommend Priya Mam as a violin teacher.
She is passionate about violin. Her love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic performances, and also translates into her teaching techniques. She is exceedingly patient with students of all ages and levels, encourages them.
I have been taking violin lessons from Priya for about a year. Along with the technical aspects of violin, she addresses the musical aspects of every pieces. I am improving tremendously under her guidance.
In my opinion, she is worth every penny she charges and I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money.
- Dhanashree Sant"

Dr. Rewati Govindarajan                                                                    15/7/2021

I am a practicing pediatrician and a senior citizen. Due to my hectic schedule was never able to pursue my passion for learning piano.I joined devs music about a month  back and impressed with their teaching.My tutor is priya madam she is a very good teacher explains well, teaches well and simplifies learning. She encourages constantly and motivates to play and practice .My journey so far with devsmusic is excellent and i hope to continue till I master playing piano well at my age.and make my dreams come true .Hats off to Priya madam and devsmusic keep it up!!!

Dr. Rewati Govindarajan

Rutuja Joshi                                                                                     14/7/2021

Priya Mam, you are an amazing music teacher, knowledgeable and most patient. In these challenging times of Covid, I am fortunate to be still able to connect via online classes. And sincerely value your efforts and time. 
I have been learning at Dev's Music academy for just a short while, yet am playing songs including chords already on the synthesizer. And enjoying every moment of learning – practice and connecting to music, thank you so much!
Rutuja Joshi

Ajay Yelne, USA                                                                                14/7/2021

I am writing to express how well Dev Music and Priya Madam have helped me learn piano over the pass eight months. Priya Madam is a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher - but above all she has done exceptionally well in creating an exciting environment that motivates students to learn and grow music skills. The curriculum from Dev Music is comprehensive and supports learning even if you are new to piano.
Over the past 8 months I have learned a lot and take great joy in playing the music I have learned from Priya Madam for my family and friends. I look forward to continue to improve my piano skills, and will highly recommend Dev Music and Priya Madam as a teacher.
Thanks, Ajay


Satabdi Sinha                                                                                 12/7/2021

Priya ma'am is a very good teacher. She is sweet, calm and very nice to me. I like the way she teaches me and her ability to  connect it with real life thus making learning interesting. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is approachable and always makes it comfortable for me to share my concerns and queries in front of her. I learnt natural notes, few jingles and Jana Gana Mana. I also learnt C major scale chord progression and C# major scale chord progression till now.

Aseema D Kulkarni                                                                           5/6/2021

The experience with your classes and with Priya mam has been excellent. Her efforts for teaching to play the right way are commendable.My son is thoroughly enjoying the classes which made me enrol for the same too. 
Also for guitar my husband did mention that he is also enjoying the classes and learning at good pace. 
Gratitude for such a wonderful experience. 

Sneha Malviya

Dma is a place where you can learn the real meaning of music and its beauty Teacher is also more than your friend and dma has such friendly n understanding faculty who works alot with us and I can really see improvement in me

Viplav B 

We art/ music lovers are always looking for a best academy / coachings to grow in this field but always confused where to join, but I must say DMA is one of the best music academy I've joined and highly recommended to join for other artists too, all the staffs are highly trained and are very friendly, inshort this is not an academy this is our DMA family who always supports and help each other to grow, and I have no words for Dev Sir, he an awesome singer, mentor and a great human being, at times you will loose faith in you but his words will always motivate you and never let you quite, Thank you DMA !!! :) ♡

Geetanjali S CA by Profession - Regular Singing Diploma Student Jan 2015 Batch

I joined Devs Music Academy in Jan 2015. I always liked to pursue singing as my hobby. 

Devs Music helped me a lot to develop my singing skills. Earlier it was difficult for me to sing in a high pitch but with Dev sirs guidance now I have improved my singing to a great extent. Also I lacked confidence to sing in front of people or on a microphone but due to the group activities in the class I even developed my confidence.
This Academy is like a family where each member is concerned and very much helpful to other members. Dev sir himself is like head of the family who cares for all his students and enrich them by sharing his own valuable experiences relating to music as well as other aspects of life.
We are really lucky to be a part of Devs Music Academy. 

Reena J – Bollywood Playback Singing Diploma Student – Apr 2014 Batch

Singing not only brings me joy but fulfills all that I ever wanted to do. I have been singing since I was 9/10. But that time it was part of my life & my daily routine. Never thought of it as something extra that I did. From last 3 years I was not singing on stage or in front of public. I needed a push which was given by my husband. Also want to thank him as from the time from when I joined Dev Music I have started experiencing the same. Feels like a Dejavu. I have always wanted to sing. Music is the core of my personality & individuality which is nourished & trained at the academy. Sir you have brought the child in me that has always wanted to sing, always putting up my hand to sing. Thank you so much Dev Sir for believing in me, as your feedback always has given me the energy to try harder. I want to do every bit of what you say. I want to be able to sing, play music, be a confident performer just like you are Sir. I have already made a mistake of not doing this earlier. But late than never. Now I never want to leave what I am doing. Thank you Sir.

Chaintanya K VIIth std – Singing Regular Course Student

When I came to the Singing on the very first day, I was very shy of Singing. But after 2-3 days I was very comfortable because of the kindness of Dev Sir and my class mates. All of them are very kind. Everyday Dev Sir tell us his experience in bollywood. His every sentence is educational. Everybody is like a family in this class. The guitar and piano faculty is also very friendly. I love this class very much.

Anonymous Student - Singing Regular Batch


People say that music is their way of life and their ultimate approach towards achieving happiness. Some also claim that they express themselves well through music. I belong to such community. On a first look, I might appear to be as normal as any other individual of my age group. However, there are a few unseen corners to my personality that are filled with depression, anxiety, social awkwardness, rejection and also, suicidal behaviors. For someone like me, music is more than happiness and expression. It’s a matter of survival.  


The decision to join Devs Music Academy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could not have asked for any better. Everyday each individual (tenured or new) is independently focused upon to identify the positives and improvement areas. Dev Sir not only provides polite (at the same time honest) feedback but also helps with instructions to overcome the hurdles. All are provided with equal opportunity and encouragement to perform on karaoke or live music in front of a group. Along with music, we also have a numerous fun sessions and most importantly, the experience sharing that helps in character building.  


Ever since I have joined Devs Music Academy, I am coping up with depression very well with zero suicidal thoughts. J


Dev Sir – In a short span of time, you have helped me develop as technically sound performer and more confident person. Not only have you helped people become professional singers but also good human beings. I am proud to be associated with Devs Music Academy and have the privilege of knowing you. Thanks for including me in your extended Music Family. 

Sachin Bais Bsc. comp. TY student from nanded. Regular singing student at Devs Music Academy From Jan-2014 Music is not only a thing to do for me. It lives in me. It is my life partner becoz people havent always been there for me but Music always has. Above lines are just a dialouge if you never feel the music, if you dont have musical touch. If you want to know what is the music & how it helps to live happy life then come & be a part of devs music family. I assure you once you come here you never want to go back. When i join the class i was so nervous to sing & i didnt had confidance. I always sings but that is not a actual & proper singing. Sir teaches me how to sing from inside. Sir always says dont throw the words from mouth but feel the meaning of each & every word,. feel the music & sing from inside. I am very lucky sir that always you were & you are there for me to make me confident & giving me actual musical touch. "Dear sir your motivation & your encouragment has a special value for me., i can say also it is priceless. I always keep your two thoughts with that is "sing from inside & dont lose the patience , God is there for you" I think i not only learn music here but i learn more than it with you. Thank you for being with me & be with me as it is in future.,.,Thanks a Lot

Name: Manisha Sharma – Mobility Support Analyst by Profession; Bollywood Playback Singing Student at DevsMusicAcademy since Sep’13.

Life is a bagful of surprises- so well said by a wise man. So is proved by the fact where I am standing today with music in my life & that’s all because of Devs Music Academy. I loved singing since childhood, but was never conscious about the fact that I can move ahead in it & make it my life. As I realized that it’s high time I should make my dream come true, I joined Devs Music Academy. With each growing day & Dev sir’s encouragement, I realized that learning this art is like an ocean which I was unaware of.

This academy is not merely a music school, it’s a family where people from different religions, professions & age groups mingle, enjoy & live there passion. This is because of the atmosphere that Dev sir has created here, where everybody is treated equally with immense love & respect. Sir himself being an ocean of talent is a genuine & down to earth person, that we have never observed him disrespecting or dominating someone. All students at the academy are equally taken care by sir, making sure that he distributes the maximum amount of knowledge to all, just like a huge tree serving his shade. The time that we spend here makes us so happy & content that it has brought us more connected to music & now this family has become an inseparable part of our life. Some people in our life cannot understand the beauty hidden in this art but being careless about this fact I will nurture this dream of mine. Sir has brought a very beautiful light in my life & I aim that someday I will make him proud. God Bless this beautiful family

Divya Padbidri ( HR Professional & Student In Dev's Music Academy March 2013 Singing Batch)

I had read that music is a great mood changer; it can soothe you when you are agitated and elevate your mood when you are feeling down. All of us have some music within us...... After having joined Dev’s music classes, I’ve realised the truth in the above two statements. It is indeed a tribute to Dev Sir’s commitment and passion for music that he is able to tirelessly bring out the music in us and leave us with a sense of accomplishment after attending his class. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, he seamlessly blends all of us together into a class of melody and enjoyment, which truly makes the classes the one thing you look forward to in our daily routine. So I Say “Thank you for the music ....for the songs we’re singing” A BIG Thank You for the joy your classes are bringing

Mayank Shrivastava ( Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing) – Bollywood Playback Singing student March 2014 Batch – Regular Singing Batch student – March 2013 Batch

I joined Devs Music around a year back but it feels like yesterday because learning,motivation and excitement still continues and will be forever....Thanks to Devs Music Family n Specially you Sir..!! Most of us in our life Sometimes,look for something aspirational and great which can regain our interest and bring back our passion to do something great in life. Similarily, I was always passionate about Singing,But time and tide never allowed me to think n learn it in that way.But after joining here I am delighted now coz not only i regained my passion & interest but also now i want to take my interest to the next Professional level. So, I joined the DIPLOMA IN BOLLYWOOD PLAYBACK SINGING post completion of SINGING COURSE from DEVS MUSIC...!!

I wish to write what all i am gaining from DEVS MUSIC which I will cherish throughout my life... -It feels great when every week from my work schedule, I find time for singing classes and try to do my homework coz i know something interesting and challenging is planned in the Class whether it is Singing in Malyalam, English or Marathi to improve our Versatility.

-Fun mixed with advanced learning techniques is well planned and executed by our Mentor. I am using the word Mentor as our Sir is Real life example of friend, Philiosopher & Guide.

-He is a great human being with MUSIC engraved in his heart, mind & Soul. He is true source of inspiration and I Congratulate him for succesfully creating the growing family of DEVS MUSIC with great passion & true desires. This family is bouquet of Singing, Instruments, Sound Engineering & many more..

-Personalised Feedback Given by him carries a lot of value and there is great scope of improvement in everyone of us an individual to achieve greater heights. I Personally have started feeling as professional & have known my strength & weak areas throgh his efforts. I wish i could prove myself among greater opportunities in this field.

-I remember the day when i started singing class & i sang thru mic in class ,was very nervous n literally shivering..But through encouragement, learning & trust,i gained confidence and now trying for improvisation at every level.

-Sometimes keeping my WORK aside, I prefer going to classes and reason is that the Inclination or Degree of love towards Music & Singing is getting HIGH...HIGH & HIGHER..!! I wish i could devote more time into it and get best out of it.

-If you have passion to eat, drink & breathe the divine source like MUSIC with loads of fun,frolic, motivation & unlimited innovation, then DEVS MUSIC IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... !!!

Loads of Wishes for future & Congratulations for creating this beautiful world of MUSIC....!!!

Chandamita Borah (Senior Telecom Consultant by Profession) Bollywood Playback Singing Student Sep 2013 Batch

I joined Devs Music Academy in Sep’2013. I loved singing since my childhood, but never learnt with the fear of giving exams. I used to keep singing on my own. But at one point in my life, when I thought of keeping myself busy, I felt this is the time I should go ahead to fulfill my dream in singing. I was searching for music classes in Google and came across Dev Music site. I immediately enquired and joined classes. On the first day, I was a bit nervous to sing in front of so many students. But, as days went by I could see Sir encouraging me every day and advising on what and how to improve to become a good singer. Since then, till date I can only say I am gaining confidence with each passing day and have improved a lot in the past 6 months, although I have a long way to go to be able to reach up to Sir’s expectation. I can see Sir’s motivation to make each student a great singer and this keep me going when I feel low at times. Sir’s dedication for each student is remarkable – even when someone posts a requirement at mid-night and Sir keeps the same ready for that student next day morning – I think this is enough to know how much Sir thinks for every student. Sir is a pool of knowledge in the music field and he shares his knowledge in each class. I am excited to go to each class as every day I get to learn something new. Music along with fun and laughter keeps my stress level low and brings in peace and happiness. Hats off to Sir on how he manages so many courses with dedication and perfection in everything he does. I wish I can do something (as a Guru Dakshina) by making him proud someday with my singing. I can say Devs Music Academy is best!!!

Abhishek Bansonde- Architect by Profession, Bollywood Playback Singing Student Batch Jan 2014

I joined Devs Music Academy in Jan’2014. Although it has been only few months with Devs Music family, I feel I have been here since a long time. I am from Bijapur and had always been longing to join a music academy but never got the chance in my hometown. When I came to Pune, I started searching for music academy and I came across Devs Music. I feel very lucky I decided to join here without giving it a second thought. I get to learn so many things here in Devs Music. I have done a course in classical music but what I get to learn here in Devs Academy is helping me a lot to get a western touch to singing and learning various techniques. Sir takes so much effort to help me and each student do better every day. He also teaches keyboard personally and teaches techniques on how an instrument helps a singer in his music career. Dev Sir is an all-rounder and this keeps me motivated to explore my skills in music. I had at one point in my life left my degree for 4 years and tried to get into music during this period. But luck was hard on me. But, now when I am completing my degree in Architecture, I am also happy I have landed here in Devs Academy and getting few opportunities under Dev Sir. He not only teaches us various techniques to sing, but also teaches us how each one should take life as it comes and always be humble. He keeps the spirit high with jokes and motivational speeches. I look forward to attend each class as I get to learn something new everyday. I can only pray that with each passing day I can improve to make Sir feel proud. I would recommend Devs Music Academy to all those who want to make a career in music and who wants to lead a happy life.

Prajakta Deshpande, Diploma in Bollywood Playback Singing student, Mar 14 Batch 

I have been learning music for quite a few years now. However, I always felt that my singing was not up to my satisfaction. I never understood what my singing lacked till I joined Dev Sir’s academy just a month ago.

Sir’s feedback on every song sung by all his students is extremely precious and helps us to improve our weak areas thus resulting in better singing.

I have never seen someone so much into music before. His love and dedication for music is like worshipping God !

You pick up any instrument and sir has mastered it! Sir, you are actually great! Inspite of sir being such a great person, he is very grounded and down-to-earth!

The best thing I learnt in the class so far is that music has no language barrier. Sir always encourages his students to sing in all possible languages. His encouragement drives us to perform all the songs confidently.

Today just because of sir, I am trying to sing even those songs that I never ever thought I could attempt. Sir composes music just in few minutes and it is amazing to watch that happen!

When Sir adds his guitar pieces to a song, the song gets a western touch yet maintaining its flavor of simplicity! Sir’s experiments with music during our class help us to explore our musical skills even more.

I look forward to every class because it’s a perfect blend of knowledge, application of music theory along with loads of enjoyment! It’s a three hour concert in itself!!!

Sir’s success lies in the success of his students. We not only learn music from him, but we also learn precious principles of life!

I feel totally blessed to be a part of such a creative music academy and a student of Dev sir!!! Thank you sir for everything!!!

Name: Shruti Balai. Bollywood Playback Singing Diploma student at Devs Music Academy Nov12 Batch 

I joined singing class at devs music academy a year back and on my first day of class I had no clue that singing will become such an important part of my life or rather singing will become my life. There are so many things to write ... Teaching music to someone is very difficult but Dev sir makes it look so easy and it's like celebrating music every time we are in the class. This class it like meditation for me it keeps my life balanced and gives lot of happiness. All the students are very talented and we are like a big music family. Dev sir always motivates us which builds a lot of confidence in us. I am also learning English , malayalam songs in class which otherwise I would have never imagined of singing . Sir is an all rounder ( Best in everything he does ) and there is so much to learn from him . I am a big fan of Sir's singing I want to sing like him one day ! Sir's feedback has really helped me improve my singing. He takes so many efforts to make all of us better singers. Thank you sir for always sharing your knowledge with us and always encouraging us. Music brings happiness in life and devs academy has brought music in my life. Thank you sir for bringing music = happiness in our lives!

Name: AJIT P. Bollywood Playback Singing Diploma student at Devs Music Academy Feb 13 Batch

Dev music academy is not a coaching class. its a family of music lovers. those who once connect with this family then they are always became a family member. you will get knowledge and experience of all musical instruments and singing under one roof. I joined Dev music academy year ago before that music was nowhere in life and now I am learning singing and guitar & I am very passionate about it. it gives me feeling of fullfillment. I feel creative , satisfied. Really music brings lots of joy in life. I never saw person like Dev sir who really devoted to music and giving his every moment for students. In Dev music academy everyone is having equal opportunity and sir treated everyone equally. Dev sir is great motivator because of him I can see dreams to achive certain level in music and I am confident that I will achive it under his guidance.

Name: Dr Geetanjali Singh  MD Anaestheology. Consultant Anaesthetist at Sahyadri Hospital also freelance Aneasthetist. Singing Course student at Devs Music Academy April 2014 Batch

Its only 25 days back I joined Devs Music Acaademy. I attended few classes but feel writing a lot. On the first day I was little confused when I saw all senior and new comers in the same class.Everyone was singing together and enjoying.so I too joined them.slowly slowly I picked up the pattern and felt it really good.Alongwith singing you get to learn synthesizer too. whatever you are,whosoever you are,whatever may be your age,status,here you are all same.This is very appreciable .It gives comfort to everyone. Dev sir is a very good teacher.He knows each and every student,their potential,pickup,requirements as well as plus points.He guides them accordingly.He is taking additional efforts to teach basics for newcomers. Atmosphere in the class is very healthy and entertaining.I know every student must be waiting eagerly for the class days.Here you not only learn the music but also how you can become a good human being.Dev sir shares his experiences with us, from which we can learn a lot. website is quite informative. I don't think that there is any class where music is taught in such an interesting manner. In today's hectic and stressful life this class is a stress reliever.It has brought many positive changes in my life. I would recommend others to learn music from Devs music only. I am happy and lucky that I took the decision of joining DevsMusic.

Name: UNMESH P. (CA by Profession - Musician by Destiny) Bollywood Playback Singing Diploma student at Devs Music Academy Oct 2013 Batch

Devs music is a music galaxy in itself(world is a very small word for them). No not only music but many arts like acting, drawings etc where money making is definitely not a motto. Academy has a dream of creating stars so that the galaxy shines brighter.

When I joined (around 6 months back)the academy.. I was very excited. ... n trust me the excitement is increasing day by day.. I always look forward for the next sitting because thr is alwaya smthing new n challenging planned by dev sir for us. Coming to singing class has helped me to become more efficient at my work bcos I got to plan n execute the work in the office before 6 so that I can leave n attend the singing class. .it has definitely reduced my late sittings at office. The best part is we can learn keyboard along with the singing... yess its helping my singing technics. Faculty here is also good, they give attention to every student and dev sir is a real all rounder..sir.. u tell us exactly what each of us needs to do. M so influenced by you that my wife calls me hanuman (u being RAM):) My mother always wanted me to learn music when I was in school.. finally she is happy now(she was knowing talent I was born with). I never thought that I can get such a nice colleagues in the singing class. .we are a big watsapp group now..its a good diversed group. Sir..because of u I can now think abt singing english songs...also now m more confident abt singing in any forum. In short in chetan bhagat's language I got that spark in my eyes.... Best wishes to devs music team to have a better. .bigger n brighter music galaxy...

Name: Anmol Chawla. Bollywood Singing Diploma student at Devs Music Academy April 14 Batch
Real world avatar: Founder Director at Boomerang Global (www.boomerang-global.com) and Elivotech Solutions (www.elivotech.com), managing a team of 100 people and delivering innovative solutions to the world. 
My testimonial: I have always been drawn to music and singing, but have never had enough time to join a class. I joined Devs Music a month ago, more by accident than by any plan, and that has been one of the best decisions of my life. I live at NIBM Kondhwa, work at Koregaon Park, but still look forward to travel to the institute in Kothrud every afternoon. Mondays and Tuesdays (the days the institute is closed) have become empty for me.
In the class, Dev sir makes me forget the real world and takes me into a world where there is no stress, no deadlines, only music, creativity, laughter and spontaneity. I wake up a little earlier every morning to do Riaz, and my whole day goes positively.My health has improved and my near and dear ones have told me that I much more relaxed and happy than I was before.  
The teaching methodology is not rigid, nor is it overtly structured. It is free flowing, innovative and a whole lot of fun. My singing class has people of all age groups - right from 9 years old to 60 years old. Irrespective of age, talent or gender, in the class, we are all one, and we all learn the same way. It's truly amazing!
I am still only exploring the tip of the music iceberg and cannot wait to take a deeper dive into this magical world. 
If anyone out there is interested in music, singing, or other related fields, I strongly recommend Devs Music. Thank you Dev sir for brightening up my life!















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