Get Paid Rs 35000/- to Sing One Song Become a Paid Artist Wanted Talented Singers


Thank you for your interest to become a Paid Singing Artist -

"Sounds too Good to be true? But it is true and Many talented Singers are earning handsome Payments for their dream job of Singing Songs, So start today your dream career with Devs Music"

Out of 100s of Songs Released in Paid Artist Project Listen to few here - 

Aan Milo sung by Gulam Sarwar 

Raazedil sung by Raksha K

Taabire ZIndagi by Srijan Mukherjee

Ye Javal sung by Srijan Mukherjee

Behtar hai sung by Gulam Sarwar

Aasan nahi sung by Shilpa Kulkarni


Paid Artist Project Highlights -
- One Song Release time around 45 days.
- One Song Production cost Rs 25000/- singer pays at start when signing up for the project
- One Song Payment to Singer Rs 35000/- singer gets paid after song release approximately around 1 month after song project starts
- Singer sings original song not cover song
- Songs Released worldwide on all leading Music Apps

Great Opportunity for Singer for his Promotion as well as Good Earning Rs 10000 Per Song

Here is how it works -

Step 1 - You send us some sample of your singing voice like YouTube links or audio. If you are in Pune you can give a small demo audition in our office too.

Then if you are selected for this project.

Step 2 - You will pay the song production cost Rs 25000/- to our company account or in person in our office if you are in Pune.

Step 3 - You will tell us you wish to sing song in which language Hindi or Marathi or English.

Step 4 - Once we receive your song payment and your preferred song language your song will go straight into Production and in 2 weeks or less you will receive your original song from us written and composed just for you.

Step 5 - You will receive from us the reference song, the song lyrics doc and also the song backing track only if you reside outside Pune and if you will be recording your song in studio out of Pune.

Step 6 - then you will practice the song very well for a week or so and send us rough home recordings and then once we feel you are ready to record it then you will record it in a studio

Step 7 - after recording once we get your raw vocal files from the studio thn your song will be mix mastered in 8 days time.

Step 8 - once your song is all ready it will be released on all music apps within a week normally

Step 9 - So this way once you make payment and start your song project the whole project from payment to Song release will take around 4 to 5 weeks

Step 10 - 5 days after your song is released you will receive your song payment of Rs 35000/-

Terms & Conditions -

1 - Singer will have No Rights whatsoever on the song forever

2 - Singer will Not be allowed to make a video of the song by himself/herself and publish the song or the song video on his /her YouTube channel

3 - If singer pays for lyrical video Rs 6000 or a Self Singing Video Rs 12000 only then a video will be made but will be published on our company YouTube channel only

4 - Apart from the Rs 35000 singer will Not receive any other remuneration related to the song ever

5 - Singer will Not have any say in the song making process Song making will be totally decided by our company.

6 - Singer will Not have any say in how and where the song is used after it's release. After the song release if song is used in any project like webseries / short film / feature film / albums etc this will be completely solely our company's decision

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