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Why Devs Music Sound Engineering Diploma

Attention: Aspiring Sound Engineers

Here’a an Article – Straight from the heart – Devs Music

Why Devs Music Sound Engineering Diploma is different than others –

1- Devs Music focuses on technical as well as non technical side of Audio Engineering.

2 – Devs Music makes you proficient in Music too - while other institutes only focus on training in Software.

3 – Devs Music believes a ‘Sound Engineer’ without Music knowledge is "incomplete"

4 - Sound Engineers with Musician skills - have very high earning Potential

5 – Devs Music never understands why institutes charge lakhs of rupees as fees - Devs Music believes Education should be affordable if not free.

5 - No institutes Provide 100% Job Guarantee – Devs Music Proudly says ‘We Do’

6 - In later part of the course we even train our students in Personality Development which makes them ready for the Global Job Market helping them walk and talk as a 'Expert Sound Engineer'

7 – Devs Music gives unlimited time for lab and music practice - we infact urge students to spend as much time as possible in the Academy.

8 – Not to mention we give a free keyboard or a free Guitar to the student so he can be close to music even at home.

9 – Top of all Devs Music cares and nurtures its students like a family, sometimes with encouraging words and sometimes with strict discipline enforcing words, but at the end of the day all for the good of the students ownself – where Devs Music acts as a ‘Parent’ and helps the student grow Professionally and have a successful career in the field of Music.

Devs Music believes Simplistic Approach to Life is the best way to succeed.

Even Bhagvad Gita mentions “Rich is not the one who has the most – but Rich is the one who needs the least”

Devs Music develops students with more simplistic and socialist approach who will be more helpful to the people in need and share their knowledge without any hesitation, as with sharing knowledge – it actually grows.

All the Best


Devs Music

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