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Having talked about the main types of microphones in a seprate article, lets discuss what we mean by polar patterns. Polar patterns determine where the sound source can be located in relation to the diaphragm so that the sound can be recorded accurately.

There are 4 main pattern types, these being:

-         Omni

-         Cardioid,

-         Hemispherical,

-         Bipolar.

 Omni Patterns:

Omni patterns will pick up all sounds around the microphone. Any sound source in front, back or to the sides will be picked up equally in volume relative to their distance from the mic.

Cardioid Patterns:

Cardiod patterns pick up sounds mainly in front of the diaphragm but also picks up a little bit to each side.

Hemispherical Patterns:

Hemispherical patterns only pick up an area of 180 degrees around the mic, and thus don't pick up sound from the rear.

Bipolar Patterns:

Bipolar microphones pick up sounds that are to the front and rear of the mic, but tend to shun the sounds coming from the sides.

These are the four general polar patterns of a Microphone.


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Written by Dev Sir — May 27, 2013

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