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Things a Beginner Sound Engineer should know – Part II

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Article – Things a Beginner Sound Engineer should know – Part II

What is a Distortion?

When a too high setting is used for example a too high Gain staging, the sound is distorted or sound grated which is an undesirable effect. Take note that these days for recording some instruments such as an electric guitar this distortion effect is used as a creative effect.

What do you mean by Gain?

Gain is a very important aspect of controlling the audio signal. Gain directly controls the volume or the amplification of the input signal. Therefore it is very important to set gain at proper levels when recording vocals, instruments etc. Setting a gain too low captures the room noises along with the main source signal which the engineer then has to try and compensate by increasing output volumes. This results in increased noise levels. Setting gain too high results in distortion.

What do the term ‘Connector’ mean?

Connector is a term you might here a lot of times in your Sound Engineering career it is nothing but the plug or the connecting point at either end of a lead or cable. The most often connectors you will come across are jack plug for general connections, the XLR for microphone.

What is a Control Room?

Control room is the place where the engineer sits with all the recording mixing equipment.

What do you mean by Dry track Wet tracks?

Dry track is an audio track to which no effects have been applied. Conversely wet tracks are tracks after some effects are applied.

What is a hiss noise hum noise?

Hiss noise is a high frequency noise, the sound engineer should keep the hiss noise to minimum. The hiss noise is also called as the white noise. Hum noise is the exact opposite of the hiss noise, the hum noise is a low frequency noise.


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