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Article – Things a Beginner Sound Engineer should know Part I

What is Acoustics:

The ‘sound’ of a room or space. The acoustic of any space is defined primarily by its size and the types of surfaces therein. These two characteristics in turn determine how a sound wave is dispersed within the space. A big indoor concert hall, for example, is generally a large space with flat walls. A sound wave therefore takes a long time to disperse in such a space as the hard surfaces absorb very little of the wave’s energy and reflect it back into the room. But a domestic living room is a much smaller space and will have soft furnishings, curtains, etc., that will absorb more quickly the energy of the wave. 

What is Audio?

We talk about audio all the time, do we ever ponder for a moment what is this audio after all, is it same as sound, yes in fact it is, Audio is electronically produced sound.

What is an Acoustic screen?

A acoustic panel which absorbs sound and is placed between the instruments recording and the microphone recording in the same room. This minimises leakage  between instruments and microphones.

What is a Musical Arrangement?

Musical arrangement for a song or an instrumental is a background music created with some instruments, the parts they play in the over all music. The instruments can be real or virtual.

What are backing vocals?

Backing vocals are additional vocals that support or enhance the primary vocals or the lead vocals.

What is Bass effect?

Bass effect deals with the lower range of audible frequencies normally in the range of 20Hz to 320 Hz.

What do you mean by echo?

Echo means a physical reflection of sound from a reflective surface which gradually fades out.

What do you mean by fade in fade out?

Fade in means when an audio track increases in volume gradually from silence and enters the arrangement, whereas fade out means the opposite when a audio track decreases in volume gradually into silence.


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Written by Dev Sir — May 27, 2013

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