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3 Important Tips for Beginner Sound Engineers - Devs Music

Sound Engineering Department - Devs Music

Article - 3 Important Tips for Beginner Sound Engineers

No Excuses

Expensive Equipment is Not Necessary to Make a Hit Song !!!

-         You can produce hit Music right in your home studio

-         You just need a Computer, DAW, and Microphone to get started

-         You don’t need lakhs of rupees to get into Music Production

-         Don’t get misled by huge classy Professional Recording Studios and don’t get discouraged and don’t try to be like them…and in the process don’t waste too much money buying expensive equipment. Be simple and for the first few years learn as much as you can through experience and eventually you can buy expensive stuff if at all one by one later.

-         Don’t get too relaxed with time management. Even if you are in a home studio make sure to work like a Professional Recording Studio, when it comes to scheduling and deadline, so you can get things done.

-         Don’t forget to enjoy the process of making Music. Don’t get too caught in the technicalities of making music because if you don’t enjoy the process you wont make a great Music. Don’t focus too much on the result, rather enjoy the journey to get there.

Simple Set up

-         When recording any Source Sound, make quick decisions and keep the recording and mixes simple

-         Don’t focus too much on the equipment, rather focus on recording strategies such as Microphone placement for example

-         Options are unlimited so waste too much time pondering on too many options make quick decisions in mixing and move on.

Finish a Song

-         Don’t spend zillion hours on any one song

-         Don’t wait too long to learn everything before you make your first song.

-         You will learn a lot from experience as you make one song at a time.

-         You will make bad songs in the way but that’s ok, you cant make every song Perfect.


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