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Recording Raw Vocals at Minimal Budget - Devs Music

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Article - Recording Raw Vocals at Minimal Budget

What we need?

A Good Singer

A decent size Room – Not too big Not too small

A decent Microphone – Any condenser Microphone will do something like SAMSON nothing too fancy

A Pop filter

What is important?

Singer’s Distance from the Microphone

Controlling Gain

Almost all condenser Microphones are cardiod..meaning heart shaped polarity meaning the Mics pick up voice in front of it, so if you stand too close to it, the Mic will pick up too much of your voice and create a base buzz, which is annoying, makes the sound to clip. Conversely if you stand to further away from the mic then the Mic will pick up your voice plus the reflections and other sound in the room. So for a clearer better recording Vocals, one should stand about 4-5 inches from the Pop filter which is again 4-5 inches from the Mic. This way it captures natural vocals.

So the placement will be:

Microphone -- - --- 5 inches ------Pop Filter -------- 5 inches ----------Singer/Guitarist etc

                                                                                                              (Any Source)

DisAdvantages of standing too close to the Mic:

Records a lot of Base voice, Not natural

Any physical movement of Singer i.e. variation in sound is magnified

Advantages of standing a foot away from the Mic:

Captures a natural sound of vocals

Any movement is negligible

Disadvantages of standing too far away from the Mic:

Mic captures all other sounds in the room, the reflections.

Dose not capture Natural Sound

Controlling Gain

Don’t keep Gain very high, keep the meter around 50%

Don’t Record Vocals very loud


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