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Quick Tip - Panning

While working in a DAW, there is no hard rule about which way Panning should go. You have complete freedom to decide what kind of ultimate sound you need for the track you recorded.

Broadly speaking there is no Rule that needs to be followed strictly in a Mixing process. The Mixing Engineer has complete freedom in doing so after all Mixing is an Art. To get good at this craft of mixing, one needs to decide whether the Panning of his tracks will be all centered, few hard left, few hard right or what.

One way to do when you are working on your first mix is to keep the majority of the individual instrument and vocals track at Pan centered, and any extra Guitars or Piano or Backing Vocals track to either hard left or hard right, this of course completely depends on your taste as a Musician.

Therefore listening skills become of Prime importance for a Mixing Engineer. How you hear can decide how good a Sound Engineer you will be. Hope you enjoyed this Quick Tip.

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Written by Dev Sir — May 21, 2013

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