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Master the Violin from Basics to the Advanced Level

VIOLIN – 6 Months Course – 2 Days Per Week

Course Fees: Rs 12000 + Free Brand New Acoustic Violin

(Fees Subject to change without notice)

 * All fees are Non Refundable & Non Transferable 

* Fees Paid will be for 1 year duration, if course not completed by student in 1 year he/she will have to reenroll for another 1 year by paying prevailing fees 

* All Course Durations are only estimates -Actual course duration might vary depending on how the student completes all levels of learning in the sequential order as specified by the Academy.


Course Contents:

Basic Level

Lesson 1 Violin Parts

Lesson 2 Bow Fundamentals

Lesson 3 The Power of Open Strings
Lesson 4 Playing Scales
Lesson 5 Creating Technical Exercises
Lesson 6 String Crossings
Lesson 7 Shifting
Lesson 8 Horizontal and Vertical Movements
Lesson 9 Brushing Stroke
Lesson 10 Finger Extensions
Lesson 11 Vertical bow movement
Lesson 12 Tremolo
Lesson 13 Left Hand Finger Articulation
Lesson 14 Left Hand Finger Placement
Lesson 15 Up and Down bow Staccato

Lesson 16 Position of the Left Hand
Lesson 17 Applying Weight
Lesson 18 Fingers Counterbalances
Lesson 19 Straight Bows, Tilting the Bow


Bowing: Consistent straight bows (parallel to bridge)
Bowing: Smooth direction changes
Bowing: Tone production and dynamics
Bowing: increasing speed of string crossings
Bowing: slurring several notes (more than 4)
Bowing: basic martele
Bowing: slow/moderate speed spiccato
Instrument & LH: shape of the left hand
Instrument & LH: finger patterns for D, A , D, Bb major
Instrument & LH: finger patterns for G, A, C, E minor
Music Reading: know all notes in F, A , D, C, Bb (Eb) majors
Music Reading: know all notes in G, A, C, E minor
Music Reading: SIGHT READ in D, G, C, F, A, (Eb) majors
Music Reading: SIGHT READ in D, G, A, C, E minor
Aural: repeaat 4note patters in keys of d, g, c, f, a, Bb
Aural: repeat rhymthms up to semiquaver
Aural: play simple melodies by ear in several keys
Aural: be able ot tune harmonics and double stops


Bowing: Expressive detache
Bowing: Controlled Tremolo
Bowing: Colle
Bowing: Fast String Crossings
Bowing: Expressive Spiccato
Bowing: Sautille
Left Hand: 2 8ve scales 4xaccidentals
Left Hand: Three Octave Scales
Left Hand: Refining your Shifting
Left Hand: Refining your Vibrato
Aural: advanced pitch matching
Aural: melodies in different keys by ear

* Theory Notes & Practicals.       

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