Guitar Scales and Fret Board

 Guitar Scales formation & Fret Board

Scale is a set of Notes in a particular order.

Types of Scales:

  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Harmonic Scales
  • Diminished Scales etc.

Major Scale formation:

Major Scale = R  w w h w w w h

R = Root Note =  the main note of the scale

w = whole step = 2 notes distance ,

h = half step = immediate next note

For example,

                             R        w        w     h       w      w      w     h

C Major scale =   C       D         E     F       G      A        B    C

w = D = is 2 notes away from C i.e. C C# and then D

similarly, h = F = next note from E so half step.

In the same way using respective formulas one can find the notes in the other scales.

The names of the Guitar Open Strings are as follows:

From bottom,

1st string = E, 2nd string = B, 3rd string = G, 4th string = D, 5th string = A, 6th string = E

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