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DURATION: 3 Months*

COURSE FEES: Rs 30000/-Only* (Fees Subject to change without Notice)

* All Course Durations are only estimates -Actual course duration might vary depending on how the student completes all levels of learning in the sequential order as specified by the Academy.

* Fees Paid will be for 3 months duration, if course not completed by student in 3 months he/she can extend upto another 3 months in same fees after which student can reenroll for another 6 months by paying prevailing fees if he/she wants to learn more.


COURSE Includes:

• Introduction about live (its purpose and mission)
• Warping tracks the easy way
• Setting up a DJ template (customize)
• Mixing in Key
• Selecting the audio interface (preferences)
• How to use the Nudge feature as your pitch control
• Clip envelopes (drawing effect into clips)
• Practice mix
• Mix & record from session view, to arrange page
• Arrange page editing (finishing touches to the mix)
• Exporting the mix to the desktop
• DJ set (10 minute performance)
• Equipment basics: Explanation of key parts Turntables, Mixer, CDJ’s.
• Cueing: How to Perfect your Cueing Skills
• Beatmixing Vinyl and/or CD: How to Beatmix in a professional environment
• Vinyl and CD control: Professional Control of Vinyl & CD
• Drop mixing: How to perform your first basic Mix.
• Performing your 1st mix: Mixing with two copies of same record
• Phrase Mixing: The ability to accurately mix using the musical phrases in a record.
• Headphone Mixing: How to mix professionally with Headphones.
• Controlling the booth. How to use Booth Monitoring
• EQ Mixing: How to use EQ to enhance the smoothness of your mixes.
• Track selection: Tip’s and Tricks on how to select the right music.
• Pitch control: How to effectively control the pitch.
• Final mix Preparation: Final tips from Tutor’s before you prepare for your set at Ministry of Sound

We Provide Placement  assistance to each of our Students.

Join the most productive DJ classes in Pune.

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