Music Therapy Course

Music Therapy Course

Course Duration: 36 Sessions of 40 mins per session 

Course Fees: Rs 27000 /-

*All fees are Non Refundable & Non Transferable

All Fees subject to change without notice 

Course Overview:

Music therapists assist people of all ages who require special services due to learning, behavioral, emotional or physical challenges. Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Specific goals and objectives are formed after assessing the clients' strengths and needs, and music is then used as the therapeutic tool with which to achieve these goals.Some therapeutic interventions include:

  • Increasing memory and cognitive awareness through the retention of rhythmic patterns and song melodies
  • Increasing social skills through participation in drum circles, hand chime choirs, and other group musical ensembles
  • Encouraging the expression of emotions through lyric analysis, song writing, instrumental composition, and improvisation
  • Increasing gross motor abilities through movement to music
  • Increasing fine motor movement through playing hand-held or finger manipulated instruments
  • Increasing communication through vocal singing, signed songs, and musical improvisation

The Devs Music course in Music Therapy provides the community with qualified, competent and socially conscious music therapy professionals who have undertaken a comprehensive and thorough examination of the relationship between human experience, behavior and music; with consideration of this relationship in a music therapy context.

Course Syllabus in Details

Quarter I

Quarter II

Quarter III

Quarter IV





Theory I, II

Introduction to Music Therapy

Principles of Music Therapy

Theory of Music Therapy

Musical Skills I,II

Musical Skills III, IV

Practice of Music Therapy

Music Therapy Practical III, IV



Clinical Improvisation I

Clinical Improvisation II

Music History I

Theory III, IV

Music History II, III

Psychology of Music

Introduction to Psychology

Guitar Techniques

Psychology Research Methods

Music Therapy Research

Values and Society

Developmental Psychology I, II

Abnormal Psychology

Clinical Psychology


Motivation and Emotion

Composition I

Music of the World


The course consists of two classes per week of two hours each, with unlimited music practice time. Class sizes are strictly limited to enhance learning experience. Course comprises of 6 Midterm exams and 1 comprehensive final exam.

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