Fine Arts Course

Fine Arts Career Course

Duration – 1 Year

Course Fees: Rs 125000/- * (fees subject to change without notice)

* (Fees Paid will be for 12 months duration) 

* All Course Durations are only estimates -Actual course duration might vary depending on how the student completes all levels of learning in the sequential order as specified by the Academy.

Course Objective: To understand and develop the skill of sketching and drawing from natural and manmade objects and structures in various medium like pencil, pen, ink, crayon, chalk, colour etc. The course encourages individual creativity while giving a solid grounding in the practical and the aesthetic. It provides an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for progression to further or higher education in Fine Art or simply for further independent study.

"This course will prepare you for Elementary / Intermediate exams and also prepare you to Join Bachelor of Fine Arts degree course"

Detail Course Curriculum:

Module I - Drawing

Free hand Drawing / Objects and Nature study / Different Techniques: - Proportion, Volume, Visual Perspective, Eye Level & Vanishing Point, Horizontal and Vertical lines, Bold and Rhythmic lines, Relationship between lines - Value and Texture - Sketching from different angles / Indoor and Outdoor sketching.

Medium - pencil, charcoal, dry pastel, pen and ink.

Module II – Still Life

Introduction to various techniques / Foreground, background study / Texture study / Selection and arrangement of objects / Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition. / Drawing from different angles / Light & shades.

Medium - pencil, pencil colours, oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic colour, oil colour.

Module III- Landscape

Selection of artistic view with picture frames/ Study of variation in sunlight / Addition and elimination, simplification, eyelevel and Vanishing Point/ Perspective, balance and rhythms in composition / Study of Cityscape and Seascape

Medium - pencil, charcoal, crayon, water colours and oil colours.

Module IV – Life Drawing

Free hand drawing from human figure to study proportion / Stick drawing and Block drawing / Basic anatomy, Head study from different angles / Full figure study / Quick sketching and Finished sketching / Sketching practice of different parts of body/  Different models for age specific characters

Module V – Portrait

Technical details / measurements. / Study of skull, character and expression / Super realistic portraits through graphic techniques

Medium - pencil, charcoal, dry crayon, water colour and oil colours.

Module VI- Composition

Principal of design, distribution of space / Importance of line, tone, texture, colour, form, content / Negative and Positive Designing/ Design exercise in different media / Different figurative composition practice

Medium - Pencil, Acrylic colour, Poster

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