Filmmaking Course



Duration: 1 Year

Classes Per Week: 3 Days Per week

Course Fees: Rs 25000/- *

*fees subject to change without Notice

* All Course Durations are only estimates -Actual course duration might vary depending on how the student completes all levels of learning in the sequential order as specified by the Academy.


The Filmmaking course is a comprehensive course that covers all the major areas of professional filmmaking through a hands-­on, practical approach, structured around you working towards making your own films to professional standards. Course comprises of practical workshops, theory and practical lectures and on set location shoots.  The course provides training for major motion picture production all the way from writing and breaking down scripts for production right through to shooting your films and working with composers and sound designers in the edit suite.

The course aims to equip you with directing and producing full length feature films, documentaries, Ads, Music Videos etc. One of the keys to success on this course is that group sizes are limited, meaning that there   are usually no more than 20 students in practical training workshops, or additional tutors are involved to maintain a good student-­tutor ratio in practical sessions, ensuring a very high level of hands-­on training. 

This one year intensive program covers a comprehensive range of filmmaking proficiencies including writing, producing, directing, editing and cinematography designed to allow the graduate to enter into a career in film, television or video production.

Course Highlights:

1. Excellent practical tuition from working film industry professionals

2. Placement assistance to every student. 

3. Learn to shoot on Film & Professional High Definition Digital

4. Residential shooting on location in and out of Pune.

5. Work on in short films during the course

6. Learn to write and direct as well as working on many other films

7. Learn from industry professionals and experts.

8. Visit on location facilities including a fully air-conditioned studios.

9. Leading Banks Financing available for Paying Course fees.

Course Outline:

The course will cover Directing, Cinematography, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Clapper/Loader, Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Boom Operator, Producing, Production Manager, Production Assistant, Editing, Sound Designing, Screenwriting,

By  the  end  of  the  course  you  will:

•Have a working understanding of everything from how to assess the dramatic and filmic merits of a script to adjusting the sound design of the final version of your film  before it goes in front of industry audiences on the Release.

•Have gained practical skills in all major departments of filmmaking

 •Be trained in professional production paperwork such as drafting Movie Agreements with Artists, Distributors etc

•Have gained practical experience in shooting on film and a variety of digital formats



Cinematography DMA101

 Introduction to Editing DMA201

Direction DMA 301

Screenwriting  DMA 401

Introduction to Producing DMA501

Acting DMA 601

Introduction to Audiography DMA701

Filmmaking Indian Cinema DMA801

Practical Hand on Assignments on feature films


Cinematography II  DMA102

 Introduction to Editing II DMA202

Direction II DMA 302

Screenwriting II DMA 402

Introduction to Producing II DMA502

Acting II DMA 602

Introduction to Audiography II DMA702

Filmmaking Indian Cinema  II DMA802

Practical Hand on Assignments on short films

On  Completion:

Students will have gained hands on experience in several feature film projects through the films they write, direct, produce and crew on during their time on the course. These films are designed to provide the opportunity for students to apply the training they receive throughout the course. Student films are regularly submitted successfully to film festivals and can sometimes provide strong showreel material.

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