Drums Course



Basic to Advanced Course - Rs 6900 /- for 36 sessions

(40 min each session)

COURSE FEES INCLUDES: Music Theory + Practical Training                          

(Fees Subject to change without notice)  



  • Drum Concepts covers all essential conceptual aspects of drumming, including styles, grooves and musical feel. You will also look at the mental approach to performing and practicing.
  • Drum Course is divided into 9 Levels, where Levels from 1 to 7 are taught on Electronic Drums and the remaining Levels 8 and 9 are taught on Acoustic Drums.
  • Drum Techniques focuses on the mechanical, physical and ergonomic principles of
    hand and foot technique. You’ll look at co-ordination, control, speed, endurance and mobility to develop effective self-expression on the kit.
  • Contemporary Styles will give you the low-down on the latest styles at the cutting edge of music. You’ll look at what’s required to play these styles authentically, and then at how to program them, as well as the use ofMIDI systems and studio techniques.
  • Rhythm Section Skills explores in detail the relationship between the drummer and the bass guitarist. Drummers work on a stylistically varied repertoire of tunes, looking particularly at technique, time, groove and feel.
  • Western Percussion will develop your understanding of the principles of advanced rhythms, and give you a sound grasp of hand percussion. You’ll also apply what you learn to popular music.
  • Studio gives you a direct insight into the professional recording environment. You’ll get hands-on experience and really have your playing challenged! Includes setting up, mixing techniques, recording, interaction with other musicians and studio awareness.
  • General Musicianship introduces drummers to essential musical concepts, including key signatures, harmony, notation, melody, scales, chords and songwriting. This will enhance your ability to communicate about music and create it effectively.
  • Sight Reading covers everything from basic note values and rests, right up to
    transcribing, chart-reading and performance in relation to different musical styles.
  • Live Performance Workshops are your chance to put it all into practice on stage in a live band situation! Working under the guidance of experienced professional musicians, you will move through a range of styles throughout the year, including rock, pop, jazz, funk and RnB.


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