Devs Music Online Singing Course

Devs Music Online Singing Courses

Hindustani Classical & Bollywood Singing Course (100 classes of 45 min each) 

Basic Level – 30 classes

(Basic Course Certificate Provided after Successful Course Completion)

  • Hindustani Classical Music theory
  • Breathing techniques / warm up exercises
  • Introduction to Swaras
  • Introduction to Alankaars / Paltas
  • Practice of Shuddha Swars Paltas
  • Understanding Komal / teevra Swars
  • Learning how to do the correct Riyaz
  • Practicing simple easy Sargams to get used to the Swaras
  • Practice with tanpura

Advanced Level – 30 classes  

(Pre-requisite – Basic Level Course)

(Advanced Course Certificate Provided after Successful Course Completion)

  • Introduction to thaat system
  • Learning 10 thaats and its properties
  • Introduction to Ragas
  • Learning Ragas in detail
  • Learning Bandish
  • Learning Simple Film Songs based on these Ragas
  • Introduction to Navras and its associated Ragas Part I

Professional Level – 30 classes

(Pre-requisite – Advanced Level Course)

(Professional Course Certificate Provided after Successful Course Completion)

  • Learning Navras and its associated ragas Part II
  • Learning Advanced Ragas in detail
  • Vocal Range boosting techniques / Vocal throw techniques
  • Learning Bollywood Songs based on Ragas
  • Learning Bollywood Playback Singing
  • Vocal culture technique, tone modulation skills
  • Learning different genres – Gazhal / Sufi / Film Songs

Performance Level – 10 classes

  • Training in Live Performance techniques
  • Training to Sing with Live Music
  • Training in Mic techniques for Singer
  • Learning Monitoring
  • Techniques to conquer Stage fear
  • Auditorium tips and techniques to sing to from small to large audience

Rules –

  • Each Class of 45min duration
  • Our fees USD 20 per class
  • All fees Non Refundable
  • Email for class booking atleast 2 days in advance
  • Class booking will be considered final only after payment confirmation.
  • Incase of any emergency or unavailability easy Rescheduling of classes
  • Our Speciality “One-to-One” training – One faculty – One student
  • Training through Skype or any other video chat application
  • Different topics might have different teachers
  • Teacher allotment / class time allotment at the sole discretion of Devs Music.
  • Alteration / customization of course syllabus strictly Not Allowed
  • Certificates will be provided on successful course completion only after approval of Devs Music.

Devs Music Academy

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Devs Music Academy

Devs Music Academy

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Devs Music has been teaching music since 1996.