Chromatic Notes

Chapter I- Chromatic Notes

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa'

corresponds to

C D E F G A B C in western notation.

Full Sequence with Semitones,

C     C#/Db    D     D#/Eb     E      F      F#/Gb     G      G#/Ab     A      A#/Bb     B      C

C# means C sharp- note after C and before D, 

Db means the note before D and after C. So C# = Db

D# means D sharp- note after D and before E, 

Eb means the note before E and after D. So D# = Eb

F# means F sharp- note after F and before G,

Gb means the note before G and after F. So F# = Gb

G# means G sharp- note after G and before A,

Ab means the note before A and after G. So G# = Ab

A# means A sharp- note after A and before B

Bb means the note before B and after A. So A# = Bb

there is no semitone between E and F

there is no semitone between B and C.


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