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Voice Overs Course


"Great prospects for careers such as RJs / VJs / Film Dubbing Artists / Journalists / Mass Media / TV Presenters etc"

For whom:

  • Anyone looking for a career as a ‘Voice over Artist’ dubbing for films, animations, cartoons, tv channels etc.
  • Very useful for people training to become ‘RJs’ ‘VJs’ ‘TV Presenters’ ‘Journalists’, ‘Film Dubbing Artists’
  • Generally very useful for all looking to communicate fluently in global scenario.

Course Duration: 15 days                                                                                                                              

Course Fees: Rs 9000 /-

 “All fees are non refundable and non transferable”

“All fees are subject change without prior notice”


The course in Voice Over and Dubbing includes profound knowledge of the production technique where a disembodied voice is broadcast live in radio, T.V or Films. Students of all age group right from kids to elderly people all are eligible for this course. The students not only learn to modulate their voice but also gain confidence in the art of public speaking and presentation skills. Students also get the privilege to record voices in a professional sound studio by professionals. The U.S.P of our course is we have a Celebrity guest lecture of Mr. Vikram Gokhale Sir.

 The Course in Voice Over and Dubbing include studio, Trainers, Demo CD & DVD, one guest lecture from Mr. Vikram Gokhale Sir.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction and understanding Dubbing, VO, Voice Narration
  • Voice Modulation
  • Stamina command, Rhythm and Fluency
  • Lip-Match Voice Dubbing
  • Dubbing for Cartoon Films, advertisement, Commercial Films.

    Why join Course in Voiceover and Dubbing?

      • Celebrity Guest lecture by Mr. Vikram Gokhale Sir
  • Students are trained by Industry Professional Faculties
  • More Practical Knowledge of the Curriculum
  • Students get hands on live project.
  • Each students get their recorded demo CD & DVD


    Finding Your Voice: In the first Module we focus on finding your real inner voice, so it can be used to its full potential. So a strong focus in given to vocal exercises and breathing techniques that identify your head voice and chest voice. This aims to create an optimal & healthy voice for broadcasting, radio jockeys, video jockeys, acting professionals, film animation dubbing etc.

    Identifying the correct tone / Pitch / DynamicRange: This stage of training develops your vocal stamina, energy, vocal tecture, vocal culture, vocal modulation, speech clarity, intonation, and articulation.

    Vocal intonation and Expression:After you have found your voice and understood all the nuances of the voice, now its time for application of vocal techniques. Here is this stage you work on class assignments that include your studio recording of given scripts as well as performances in front of small audiences groups so you learn to connect better with your audience. You also practice delivering presentations and seminars which help in your career as well as for corporate people.

    Course also includes – American Accent training in brief, 4 Recording studio Sessions which help you record your voice over sessions which can used later on as your working portfolio after course completion.

    “All I have is a voice.” – W.H. Auden W. H. Auden, was an American poet regarded by many as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century

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