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Are you looking for Bollywood Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians or Comedians for some event, then you have come to the right place.

Are you looking for Bollywood Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians or Comedians for some event, then you have come to the right place.

Celebrity & Talent Management Services Provided by Devs Music.

Devs Music has worked with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities for domestic and international events.

Celebrity Management Services for our Clients:

Devs Music offers Celebrity Management Services. Celebrities from different fields prove an asset and spice up any event. In our country, celebrities hold a larger than life image amongst their fans and thus this management is to be dealt with special care by our professionals.

We have excellent contacts with celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi film industry, and even regional film industries. Be it comedians, singers, musicians, bands, you name it we got it.

We share one of the best professional relationships with celebrities. We provide celebrities for variety of events such as –

  • Personal Appearances
  • Product Launches
  • Store Openings / inaugurations
  • Store Anniversary celebrations
  • Judging competitions like Dance / singing competitions
  • Birthdays / Wedding / Functions Appearances
  • Live Concerts
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Fashion shows
  • Award functions
  • Chief Guests
  • Corporate shows
  • New Year Parties Events….

We negotiate the best possible rates for celebrity appearance depending on various factors such as the size of the event, the celebrity domain – bollywood or Hollywood, the celebrity time expected like celebrity appearance for 1 hour or a full 6 hr day etc. Please contact us well in advance before the event as we all know celebrities are always booked and have a hectic work schedule.

Why us?

-- We offer the lowest rates for Celebrity Appearances in the industry due to the long term relationships we share with the celebrities, at the same time we never compromise on star value. We make sure each celebrity always gets the value and recognition they deserve.

-- We don't work on commission - so whether you need a top level Superstar for your event or a New Upcoming Actor we offer the same service and professionalism.

-- We work on a fixed Service Fee for our services rendered.

--- Deal with an incorporated Company than some individual due to proper corporate structure and transparency.

-- Devs Music stands for strong work ethics and transparency when it comes to business as we believe "Trust" makes a very powerful word.

-- We strive to develop a long term relationship with our clients and not just a one time encounter.


Contact: Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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Talent Management Services:


Devs Music offers Talent Management Services which comprises of handling celebrities as well as grooming new talent to help them secure brand endorsements, celebrity appearances, handling celebrity public relations and image management. Devs Music ensures that our exceptionally valued clients get an adequate room for personal endeavors while our team of highly capable celebrity managers effectively covers all aspects of a celebrity’s hectic professional life. We associate our clients with the brands they personally adore, thus making celebrity endorsements an affair defining them.

Devs Music also specializes in Celebrity image management which our dedicated team of celebrity management professionals work upon, ensuring that the target audience is sent the right message, the way our clients want them to perceive. On the clients’ behalf, we engage our teams in celebrity marketing and advertising, both in India and abroad. Completely dependable celebrity coordination is taken care of by our committed celebrity coordinators.

Devs Music digitally handles each celebrities image promotion through press releases articles which help our celebrities secure huge endorsements contracts and gives a chance for brands to relate with them.

We believe in the most transparent work ethics with complete clarity between the clients and the celebrities. That’s just one of the reasons why Devs Music successfully manages a huge roster of celebrities. So contact us today if you wish Devs Music to handle your Celebrity Image Management and just sit back and watch as we scale your career to heights which even you never thought possible.

Contact: Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Call: 9923561531 for further information or email us at


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