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Post COVID its been very tough for all businesses all over the world. This has adversely affected businesses and consumers all over the world. Business have cut down on their advertising costs by discontinuing ad campaigns on all expensive media platforms due to no business revenue during and post lockdown period.

More and more companies are now starting to look at affordable advertising and marketing options to reach consumers and Sponsoring Digital Events is one of such marketing option which is coming out on top.

To make the most of it Devs Music has launched a very helpful service of helping businesses find good economical sponsorship opportunities and in return connecting digital events with sponsors to get funded.

So it’s a win-win situation for both the parties.

How it works for businesses looking to sponsor digital event?

  • Businesses sign up with us directly and Join our growing network of companies looking for affordable marketing solutions with a wide reach of audience
  • Registration is 100% free for businesses to sign up as a sponsor with us.

How it works for digital events seeking sponsorships/funding ?

  • You sign up with us with your Digital Event details (webinar / podcast / youtube video) atleast 3 months prior to the event release date.
  • Once your event is pre-screened and approved for our sponsorship finders service You need to pay our Sponsorship Finders fee of INR 25000/- only ($400 in usd)
  • After receiving the fees we start work on your project by talking to prospective sponsoring companies.
  • When a sponsorship is secured You keep 100% of the sponsorship amount we do not take any commission from it.
  • In the unfortunate scenario if we are not able to secure any sponsorship for your digital event the sponsorship finders fee you paid will be refunded to you in full.
  • So it’s a Safe Deal for You

Please Note: We are accepting projects seeking sponsorships from Rs 10000/- ($130) onwards upto 5 Lakhs ($7000) only

Please call 9923577867 or email info@devsmusic.in for more details