Music Production Package

Music Production Package

Music Production Per Song Rs 30000/- or USD 500

*All fees are Non Refundable & Non Transferable

All Fees subject to change without notice

“Top Quality @ Lowest Prices” is our motto

Package Includes:

  • Music Production @ Devs Music
  • Guitar / Bass / Strings / Piano any other instruments needed for the Song will be Recorded Professionally @ Devs Music
  • All stems, individual music files will be provided at an extra charge.
  • Final Mix will be Provided in wav format.

* You need to send us Your Vocals files.

* We will find the chords and do the necessary Music Arrangement.

* You will own the Copyright to the final Song.


Once Order is Placed cannot be cancelled and fees will not be Refundable under any circumstances.

Package Overview:

Whether you need to record a single vocal or create a full 5.1 soundtrack for a film, Devs Music offers an entire range of audio post services to help bring your production to life. We offer a full array of Digital Recording Services for Music Recording, Sound recording, Mixing, Mastering Audio Editing and much more. In addition we can write, arrange & produce music for televisions & film, radio advertising and television commercials. We also have a sound effects library and royalty free music library.


Devs Music has pioneered in Best Audio post production @ lowest cost. We have Country’s best Sound Engineers working under one roof. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Here at Devs Music we take pride in our recording services. Our modern, custom built studio is the perfect environment for creative as well as quality sound and music production. With services varying from music production and audio post production, we cover all aspects of sound recording and production. Our knowledge of good quality sound production is extensive. We have the perfect mix of the right recording equipment and the creative knowledge of our educated and experienced audio team.


At Devs Music, your recording project is precedence to us, whether it’s a 30 sec T.V commercial or a 70 hour album production, it is of first importance to us. Devs Music studio is the perfect place for you whether you’re a band recording instruments from scratch or a solo artist laying down vocals on pre-recorded music. We offer music recording, editing, mixing and digital mastering services. Our recording booths are comfortable and fully treated to capture the best sound. During the mix stage of your tracks, we like to make sure we’re creating your own unique sound, we always make sure we use the right recording tools to make it sound exactly the way you want it to. We are musicians and passionate about the art of music and production.


Devs Music offers services

Audio Post Production: Our lower competitive prices make audio post production at Devs Music Studios the smart choice for your commercials, animations, and more. Sound design and audio post production have become as equally important to video production as the visuals, and with the recording studio services we offer, including; ADR, sound effects, Foley recording, music recording and mixing.


Recording: Sound design adds aspect and details, bringing a song to life no matter what the genre. We at Devs Music Studio accomplish this with original range of recording, field recording, or stock sound effects from our library of sound effects. Whether it's sweetening a simple small T.V commercial or adding hundreds of effects for a feature, Devs Music uses it's decades of experience to bring your soundtrack alive.


Jingles: Jingles are very popular and cheerful little tunes that fit the product or service advertised. Jingles must be very catchy so as to associate a positive image with the company. We at Devs Music studio make jingles taking this into consideration and concentrate on Sound branding. Sound branding is market branding that involves using background music to reinforce brand identity. This avenue of marketing is very common in producing video advertisements, informational films and/or amateur feature films. Using sound and music along with video content can create a memorable message to targeted consumers. A viewer’s sense of sound is very impressionable and so “jingles” (little slogans set to an attractive melody) can be easily remembered long after the video ends.


Mixing: The mixing stage is where the magic happens, we add various affects, and dynamic techniques to turn your recording. By the use of compression, equalizing, reverb and much more we are able to make your recording sound full and impressionable. In order to do this we use programs such as logic, reason, and protools, which is also controlled by our digital mixer. Generally this process takes the same amount of time it took to record, however we like to spend as much time as we can mixing so the finished product will sound clean and nothing will be lacking.


MASTERING: Mastering is a last step of post production process. It gives glitter and glow to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you're making sure that song doesn't blow out the speakers and is barely audible - in other words, you want the levels of the songs to be similar and you want a general sense of consistence to your recording. We ensure the best mastering and use best software to make your music crisp and standout.


Royalty Free Music: Devs Music has access to huge database of Royalty free Music.

Editing and Mixing: Multi-track digital recording makes Editing and Mixing easier, faster and more accurate, which means better production and less studio hours. Artists can chose to edit certain instruments, punch-in any corrections and add different effects on different tracks.

Devs Music potential

  • Mixing
  • Mix to Picture in Stereo, 5.1, and LtRt (PLI and PLII)
  • Music Mixing
  • DOLBY Dial norm with LM100 or DMM
  • DOLBY AC3 for DVD Encoding
  • Recording
  • Narration
  • ADR
  • ISDN Digital Patch
  • Phone Patch.


We make different genre of Music such as Action, Fantasy and Suspense, Documentary, Cartoon, Beauty, splendour and Introspection, Drama, Ambient, T.V Reel, Score Tronica, Ethnic World, New Themes, Hard Edge Score, Positive Pop, Different Piano Styles etc

Devs Music Academy

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Devs Music has been teaching music since 1996.