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 **Charges for these services will depend on the volume of your work**

** Given below are approximate rates - project costs may go up due to additional requirements**

**Exclusive Licenses and PSD files / HD video deliveries such special cases will always cost extra**


Contact Call Centre for Your  Exact Rates : 9923561531 **Prices start from Rs 700/-.

** Devs Music reserves the right to not accept  / reject any work without giving any reasons for doing so.

Music & Audio Services

Audio Editing & Mastering / Custom Ringtones / Jingles / Music arrangements for Your Melodies / Songwriting / Narration & Voice-Over / Custom Songs / Sound Effects & Loops.

Rs 6500 or $99 – Complete Arrangement for Your Song

  • You send us Your Recorded Vocals – recorded with a Professional Microphone
  • If your vocals are of low quality we will produce the Music but we will not mix the Vocals with the Music.
  • We Produce the background Music for your Vocals and Deliver to you the Mixed and Mastered final track

Rs 650 or $10 – One Original Composed and Produced custom Ringtone

Rs 650 or $10 – Compose and Produce a 30 sec Jingle for You.

Rs 650 or $10 – Narration / voiceover recording of 100 words of script

  • Order in multiples of 100 words
  • For e.g. for a 150 words script or a 200 words script the charges will be Rs 1200

Cartoons & Caricatures Services

Draw Your Cartoon / Pencil sketch / Draw You as a Cartoon character from Comic / Draw illustration for Your story

Rs 3250 or $50 Per cartoon hand drawing in color with maximum four characters. Text can be added if needed. * charges will be different for Exclusive License

Rs 650 or $10 – Per Pencil /Portrait sketch of you or Caricature drawing of you

Web Design & UI Services

Design a Professional Website header / Website Designing / Design Your App icon

Rs 650 or $10 for every 5 Pages of your Website Designing

  • You can provide text and images
  • Additional pages will be same 5 pages per Rs 650 or $10

Computer Programming / IT services

.Net / Databases / WordPress / QA & Software Testing / C++ / Csharp / Java / Flash / Technology CSS & HTML / JavaScript / iOS / Android & Mobile / Joomla & Drupal / PSD to HTML / PHP

** Please contact us on 9923561531 or email us at for rates for IT services as the cost varies from project to project. Just to give you a rough idea, a small Java assignment would cost you Rs 650 or $10 or developing the most basic computer game would cost you Rs 1300 or $20.


Business Cards Designing Services / CD cover / Book cover / Ebook cover Designing Services / Logo Design Services

Rs 650 or $10 for 2 Sided Business Visiting Card Designing

  • You can mail us some sample so we can understand your likings.
  • Files are in JPG format, CMYK, 300dpi, print-ready
  • The default size: 3.75" x 2.25" (3.5x2 plus 0.125" bleed on each side)
  • You are entitled for ONLY ONE MINOR revision.
  • Please send good Quality Logo


Book cover / eBook Cover Rs 650 or $10 Per cover

  • You send me the image you want on the cover and titles and any subtitles quotes etc that you want on the cover.

Photography & Photoshop Services

Retouch/Photo Editing / Remove Backgrounds


Photo Editing Rates – Rs 650 or $10 Per Photo

You will receive a high quality jpg file / for a psd will there will be Rs 650 extra

Some of the techniques that might be used while Editing:

  • Advanced Key Lighting
  • Carefully picked mask splitting
  • Improved dynamic range with no quality loss
  • Spot liftning for both shadows, midtones, and highlights
  • Color correction and complete rework
  • Spot corrections done by hand
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Custom adjustment of curves
  • Colorization for a dreamy look
  • Focus calling shades
  • Spot color control by hand


Banners & Headers Designing Services


Flyers & Brochures Designing Services

Flyer Designing Rates / Brochure Designing Rates

Rs 1300 or $20 for one side designing of the flyer / brochure

For every additional side designing it will be Rs 1300 more.

  • Contact with the exact details of the page size, two fold / three fold to get an accurate estimate.
  • for psd files there will be extra charges


Presentation Designing Services

Create Professional Powerpoint Presentation

Power Point Presentation Designing

Rs 1300 or $20 for 5 slides of PowerPoint

  • Give us the topic and what all information you need and any charts images that you may have to insert.


Architectural Services

Complete interior Designing with 3D sketches/layouts using Autocads

** Please contact us on 9923561531 or email us at for rates for  Architectural services as the cost varies from project to project.


Whiteboard Video making Services for your business or idea or project


Video Editing & Animation Services

Stop motion/green screen editing/animation/ Producing intros / commercial TV Ads / youtube ADs

Video Editing Rates

These rates will be very flexible depending on the Job on hand. Just to give you an idea our rates for basic editing work starts from Rs 1300 or $20 for 3 minutes of video.


Stop motion Video Rates

Rs 650 or $10 for 10 sec of stop motion video


Whiteboard Video Rates

Rs 650 or $10 for 30 words or 60 sec video


Voice over Rates

Rs 650 or $10 for 30 sec voiceover


Animation Rates

Rs 5000 or $80 per 10 secs of animation.

  • send us your script/storyline/storyboard
  • We can use our archive of royalty free soundtrack and effects, but if you don't like it, you should provide your own.
  • if your video needs voice over, you should provide. 

Create Video intro for Your business / Your Project

Rs 650 or $10 Per intro of around 10-20 sec

  • for HD delivery charges will be extra

Copywriting / Website Content / Proofreading & Editing Services

Creative Writing & Scripting Services

Script writing Services / Lyrics for Song writing / Screen play writing

Rs 650 or $10 per 500 words - original content always


Resume writing / Cover letter writing Services

Resume / Cover letter Writing Rates

Rs 650 per Resume / Cover letter


Translation Services

Translation Rates

Rs 650 or $10 per 200 words


Other Writing Services

Writing original articles on any topic /

Write a Statement of Purpose / Reco Letter /Essays / Assignments

Writing Rates – Articles / Press Releases / Essays / Speech / SOP / Recos / Script

Rs 650 or $10 per 500 words - original content always


Transcription Services

Convert any audio to written text document

Transcription Rates

Rs 65 or $1 Per minute of Audio to be transcribed


Speech Writing Services

If you have to give a Speech don’t worry we write the best speech for you.

Rs 650 or $10 per 500 words

  • original content always

Date Entry Services

Data Entry Rates

Rs 650 or $10 per 2000 words

Business Plan Writing Services


Contact Call Centre for Your  Exact Rates : 9923561531 **Prices start from Rs 700/-.