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Franchise Information Sheet


Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd, will be referred to as “Devs Music” throughout this document.

Franchise Key Points 

“Devs Music is looking to Open up Franchises all over India


    To be a Devs Music Academy franchisee you will need...

    1. Total 1000 sq.ft. minimum space required - owned or rental. The location can be a bungalow as well.
    2. Initial investment of approximate Rs 6 Lakhs required –
    3. An approximate investment of Rs 6 Lakhs will be needed as per following
    • Rs 1 Lakh is the one time non-refundable franchisee fee to be paid by cheque payable to ‘Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd’ in Pune, towards franchisee agreement fees, registrations fees, admin costs fees etc.
    • Rs 1 Lakh will be a one time Refundable Deposit which will be returned to the Franchisee incase the franchisee wants to withdraw from the Franchise Agreement with two months notice, only if the franchisee has not defaulted on any Monthly Royalty Payments and also has followed all the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement clauses. If found in breach of any terms this Rs 1 Lakh will NOT be refunded under any circumstances.
    • Rs 2lakh /- will be needed for miscellaneous expenses such as buying Furniture, interior work, partitions, brochure etc. required for conducting classes at your place.
    • Rs 2 lakh/- will be needed for buying musical instruments and setup for starting up. All Musical instruments will be bought from Devs Music to ensure quality and low price.

     ** Franchisee’s who will be renting office space for conducting classes will have additional expenses such Deposit and ongoing monthly rental. This will entirely depend on the location in the city. 

    Franchise Royalty.

    Devs Music charges 30 % of Revenue as Royalty fees every month.

    After two months once the Franchise Business starts operations, Franchisee will pay to the Franchisor ‘Devs Music’ in this case, monthly fixed Royalty of 30% on Gross income of the Franchisee. This Royalty is not refundable under any condition. 


    Joining hands with an entertainment industry leader has its advantages. We at Devs Music Academy, are very particular whilst appointing a franchisee. Just because space is available or somebody has money to invest does not attract us. We are looking at establishing a long term relationship. People who believe that their customers come first and they will walk the extra mile to keep their customers happy are some basic qualities. People who are willing to learn and implement good trade practices are prospective candidates. And because we keep such criterias your rewards are equally classy.

    Training & support is provided by Devs Music Academy. We firmly believe in supporting the franchisee. It has developed systems that are bound to make your center commercially successful. As soon as you join our team, we help you get started. We work with you to secure the right location for your business. We provide you with floor plans befitting your specific location. We provide you with detailed HR planning and help you choose the right team for your business. Complete business strategy is unveiled and a clear pre-defined road map is chalked to cover the entire geography of your business location. Once set, you will to execute the plan.

    Before you open: Site Selection/ Training /Centre Design /Recruitments / Strategy After you open: Continuous education.

    Online advertising support over the entire Franchise Term. We invest majorly in continuous advertising & PR. As a franchisee of Devs Music Academy you stand to gain. You will be supported by multimedia advertising assuring you growing customers.

    Apply today !!! Before somebody from your locality does. We are very careful to ascertain that no Devs Music Academy branches compete directly against each other.

    Rush! You are only 3 steps away from prosperity:

    Step 1: Write in, call or visit to receive a copy of the Detailed Explanation of Devs Music Academy Franchisee Information. Submit a completed application form and receive the copy of the Detailed Explanation of Devs Music Academy Franchisee Information. Select under which Franchisee Model you would like to Apply.

    Step 2: If you are short-listed, Devs Music Academy representative will contact you to set time for a Final interview.

    Step 3: Final Interview: New Member in the Devs Music Academy family’s Detailed terms and conditions in the Devs Music Academy franchise agreement will be discussed & signed. At this stage, non refundable franchisee fee of Rs 1 Lakhs will have to be paid in full, to the company and the proof of the remaining investment amount is to be documented. A detailed plan is finalized along with clear time guidelines of the things that need to be done including fit outs, recruitment, launch amongst other activities as discussed and agreed. Within a Months time You will have to invest the startup costs of Rs 6 Lakhs + Rental Costs if renting the place. You will undergo an initial franchise training program at Devs Music Academy head office in Pune.

    Congratulations! You are on your way to be a part of a unique and growing Devs Music Academy family and also on your way to Gaining Financial Freedom 

    All the Best !!!


    Devs Music

    Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd

    If you are interested, we can send you the Franchise Information Kit by email.

    Interested please contact us at

    By Phone: 9923561531

    By email:

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