Devs Music Entertainment Private Limited is a Pune based movie Distribution Company. We were established with the intention of distributing quality independent movies in India and worldwide. We acquire films for distribution in worldwide territories.

Devs Music specializes in theatrical film distribution, television licensing, broadcast, internet movie rights, video licensing and talent management.


We are looking for worldwide territories for acquiring films for distribution. In some cases we are interested in acquiring foreign territories rights for distribution.


We normally look for the following rights that can be sold within each territory:

  • Theatrical
  • Broadcast
  • DVD/Laserdisc (yes, Laserdisc!)
  • Online/Download
  • Pay-per-view
  • Airline

The Advance

Depending on the film we make the advance offers.

Marketing Expenses

Devs Music never exaggerates the marketing expenses. We strongly believe that when we make money, filmmakers should make money. We have a simple lucrative distribution process both for us as the distributor and for the filmmaker as the producer.

Marketing is essential for the success of a film. You need to get the word out. Devs Music uses Posters, advertising, PR, website, social media, box art, viral campaigns, trailer, contests, screenings, give-aways, tee-shirts, etc. to make the film a huge success.


Devs Music has some of the best distribution deals in the world. We treat every film in a different way. We make customized distribution deals for every film where the filmmaker is also benefited.

Devs Music Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a different type of distributor than what you're probably familiar with. We're a distributor made up of filmmakers for filmmakers. Our company is interested in working with the filmmakers, not locking them out the second we take possession of your film. We carry little overhead and don't pad our accounts with frivolous expenditures and needless waste. We're offering full transparency on sales statements and expense sheets as well capping expenses to pre-determined amounts. When we make money, the filmmaker makes money.

Devs Music recognizes the challenges of the new distribution model and is meeting them head on. We need more titles. Devs Music is looking for qualified completed films to release theatrically and through a brand new DVD line, giving filmmakers an opportunity to finally see their films on the big screens and digital media outlets. We are looking for fully completed and ready for delivery films.

We are not suited however to clear music rights, track down contracts for your cast and crew, re-edit the film or produce re-shoots. While we will not color correct or design the film's sound mix, we can place you in contact with people who can oversee this (at the filmmaker's expense). We're looking for a finished film with all paperwork and clearances in order. At the moment we are capable of accepting films geared towards the worldwide audience. We'll look at films from any part of the world. We're ultimately looking for films that will move units and if you're certain you have diamond in the rough then we'll happily take a look at your film.

If you have a film that you think would interest us kindly email us at


Devs Music Academy

Devs Music Academy offers a variety of music courses in Pune such as Guitar classes in Pune, Casio classes in Pune, Drums classes in Pune, Flute classes in Pune, Violin classes in Pune, Mouthorgan Classes in Pune, Mandolin classes in Pune, Tabla classes in Pune, Hindustani Classical Vocals Singing classes in Pune, Western Singing classes in Pune, Dance classes in Pune, Salsa classes in Pune, Acting classes in Pune, Saxophone classes in Pune, Drawing and Painting classes in Pune and some Professional courses such as DJ Mixing courses in Pune, Sound Engineering courses in Pune, Photography courses in Pune, Music Therapy courses and Music Management courses in Pune.

Devs Music has been teaching music since 1996.