Devs Music 3S Gold Package

Devs Music 3S – Sponsorship Search Service

(* here on ‘Client’ will refer to ‘Sponsorship Seeker’)

3S – Sponsorship Search Service

Devs Music 3S Packages – * All Packages are valid for 90 Days. At the end of 90 Days if Devs Music is still not able to secure any Sponsorships 100% 3S package fees will refunded to the Client.

Gold Package – For Clients aiming for Securing Sponsorships of Rs 10 Lakhs and Above

* mainly for Celebrity Events etc

Devs Music 3S Fees – Gold Package – Rs 45000 /- Only.


“We find sponsors for your event – If we fail to find a Sponsor, You get your full 3S Fees back. The Best feature of this 3S Package is that client never loses a penny. Client is always on the winning side.” Devs Music.

Devs Music brings to you a “One-of-a-Kind” Service. Today mainly due to internet and other forms of communication media world has come more closer and things thought impossible few years ago are now just at our hands reach.

Many events keep on happening in and around our city. All kinds of events such as Musical Concerts, Shows, Celebrity Musical Performances, Competitions of all Kinds, Corporate Events keep on happening in our city and receive huge response from the public who are always on the look out for such Live events. Watching Movies in Cinema theatres have become monotonous. People want to see more live action. So there’s a huge crowd for Live Musical Events, Stage Plays, Singing Competitions, Dance Competitions etc. So more and more companies are coming up organizing such events, there are also a number of Event Management companies sprung up who will help you from an idea stage to the final execution of such events.

So how Devs Music is different from such an Event Management Company. Devs Music offers a 360 degree Event Management services with promotional activities around all platforms such as Print, TV, Radio, Internet, Hoardings, Outdoor, BTL, ATL activities.

But the most important why Devs Music is different from others and why it stands out is because of its 3S packages. All events big or small need funds (sponsors) in the first place for the events to actually happen. This is where Devs Music offers is unique 3S Package –


Terms and Conditions:

1If Devs Music is NOT able to secure any Sponsorship at all then 100% 3S fees you Paid will be refunded to you. 

2 – If Devs Music is able to secure Sponsorship less than the 3S package fees you paid then Devs Music will charge 20% of the Sponsorship Secured amount as our commission but will return to you 100% of the 3S fees you paid.

For example – Lets say Mr X signed up for 3S Silver Package by paying Rs 25000/- fees and lets say Devs Music is able to get a sponsorship of Rs 10000/- only, then in that case Devs Music will charge 20% of Rs 10000/- i.e. Rs 2000 as its commission and refund the Rs 25000/- fees to Mr X. So Mr X ends up getting Rs 8000 of sponsorship money (after deducting Devs Music commission) and his 3S Silver Package Fees Rs 25000/-. So Mr X is in plus at the end, as he paid Rs 25000/- to Devs Music but at the end of the deal he received Rs 33000/- including his fees refunded and the sponsorship amount.


3 – If Devs Music is able to secure Sponsorship more than the 3S package fees you paid then Devs Music will charge

- 20% commission of the sponsorship amount

- and your 3S package Fee as charges – nothing will be refunded in this case to the Client.

So in this case no amount from your 3S package will be returned to you, you will only get the Sponsorship Amount after deducting Devs Music Commission.

For example – Lets say Mr X signed for the Bronze Package by paying Rs 10000/- fees and lets say Devs Music is able to secure a sponsorship of Rs 20000/- only, then in that case Devs Music will charge

-         20% of Rs 20000 /-  = Rs 4000/- as commission

-         and the 3S Package fees = Rs 10000/- as fees.

So Mr X is in plus at the end of the deal, as he paid Rs 10000/- to Devs Music but he received Rs 16000/- at the end of the deal after deducting Devs Music commission and fees.


How it works?

-         Client will have to fill out an Application form

-         Client will Pay the full fees of the 3S Package One time

-         Devs Music will conduct an informal discussion with the Client and prepare a Sponsorship Proposal.

-         Devs Music will then pitch the Sponsorship Proposals to prospective Sponsors.


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