Course in Values Ethics Principles


Course in Values Ethics and Principles

Course Fees – Rs 2000/-

This course will examine two major feelings of giving and forgiving in today’s increasingly self-centered and unforgiving world. This course will make us realize the most important thing of where we stand in God’s eyes.

As that’s what’s most important after all. In this world of self-interest, most people live largely self-centered lives.

This course will help us answer some important questions such as:

Has the youth of today lost respect for knowledge and teacher?

Is everything valued only by money and not by dedication and devotion?

Has today’s student forgotten to respect his ‘Guru’?      












Has Guru-Shishya Concept lost altogether?

Has everyone lost interest in learning and acquiring knowledge?

Is no one interested in the blessings of Goddess Saraswati?

Is there nothing left pursuing apart from money?

Have people stopped thinking of others, helping others?

Is living a self-centered life the only rational option that we have?

The course will answer these questions through exploring philosophical ideas and theories