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Terms & Conditions Applicable to All Courses* All fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable under any circumstances and All fees are Subject to change without Notice * Rs 500 Reg Chgs Apply to all courses.* Fees Paid will be for 1 year or 6 months as per the course duration, if course not completed by student in the course duration then he/she will have to reenroll for another 1 year by paying prevailing fees) All Course Durations are only estimates -Actual course duration will depend on the student completing all levels of learning as specified by the Academy. Certificate of Completion will be issued only after successfully passing the Exams in >40% Marks.* Especially for Sound Engineering Diploma and DJ courses Submitting of all Projects and Assignments before the given deadlines is compulsory.* Minimum attendance required for all courses is 70%.* Completing all Assignments and Projects on time, maintaining Minimum attendance of 70% and Passing all Exams conducted from time to time will mean the Course is completed and a Certificate will be issued.* Sound Engineering placement assistance is for students completing the above conditions and Passing all the Exams in First Class >60% Marks and should have Paid the full fees.Like Devs Music Academy on facebook. No. 1 school of Music offering variety of Music Courses in Pune.Top Ranking Music Classes in Pune.Guitar Classes in Pune, Piano Classes, Casio Classes in Pune, Mouthorgan in Pune, Flute classes in Pune, Drums Classes in Pune, Violin Classes in Pune, Mandolin classes in Pune, Drawing Painting classes in Pune, Dance Classes in Pune, Dance Academy in Pune, Acting classes in Pune, Sound Engineering Courses in Pune, Filmmaking courses, DJ courses in Pune, Photography courses in Pune, Singing classes in Pune, Hindustani Classical Singing classes in Pune.